Three more Shock Pulse Generators supplied to the HERAambiente plants in Bologna and Coriano


In the Italian market, we provide aftersales services surrounding the combustion system, but also distribute Shock Pulse Generators on behalf of our affiliate Explosion Power. For more than three years, our customer HERAmbiente has relied on us to contribute to the optimisation of several plants with the assistance of this automated boiler cleaning technology "made in Switzerland".

The Bologna plant was the first HERAmbiente facility to be equipped with a Shock Pulse Generator. The predecessor model to the current SPGr series was installed at the time. At first, the generator was installed for test purposes in one line. A year later, both lines were fitted with the new SPGr10 model. The customer's goal of sustainably reducing the temperatures at the inlet of the convective horizontal pass was achieved by installing the generators in the empty pass. In order to further minimise fouling in the boiler, the customer ordered generators 3 & 4 this year. These are to be installed in the horizontal pass between the convective heating surfaces.

In the HERAmbiente plant in Coriano (near Rimini), the first generator was installed in the convective part in order to minimise massive fouling and the resulting loss in pressure, which keep occurring after only a few months of operation. In order to further optimise reduction of the flue gas temperatures, the customer will install a second generator in the empty pass in the autumn of this year.

What is more, a generator has been installed for test purposes in the Padua plant and we are confident that we will also convince this plant operator that this robust and efficient technology is an asset when it comes to improving boiler performance.

MARTIN GmbH provides services surrounding boiler cleaning systems to other Italian customers and commissions and services Shock Pulse Generators in the entire country.

Many thanks to everyone involved at HERAmbiente for their trust and the always constructive, pleasant and competent cooperation. We are looking forward to many more trips to Italy! Mille grazie!