Padua, combustion line 3 – modification of the water-cooled waste chute


MARTIN AG was commissioned by its customer HestAmbiente Srl. in Padova to modify the water-cooled waste chute during this year's annual overhaul.

Combustion line 3 was built by Termokimik/MARTIN GmbH and went online in 2009. After 14 years of operation, it had become necessary to replace the water-cooled waste chute.

The customer chose the new MARTIN chute concept, which provides for both a sewage sludge injection unit, complete with all fittings and piping, and maintenance-friendly bolt-on wear plates.
During a downtime lasting almost three weeks, the existing waste chute was dismantled and the new chute was successfully installed under the supervision of the MARTIN AG chief erector.

We would like to thank everyone involved at HestAmbiente Srl. Padova for their trust and the excellent cooperation.