Biel WTE plant - replacement of superheater 2 including header


On the boiler for the Biel waste-to-energy plant, superheater 2 including outlet header was replaced with workshop-cladded components.

The superheater was cladded and readied for installation at MARTIN Caldeiras, Lda in Portugal, while MARTIN AG in Matzingen cladded the outlet header and readied the header for installation.

On site in Biel, MARTIN AG removed the old superheater and header and installed the new components. The work was completed on schedule and to the entire satisfaction of the client.


Produktion bei Caldeiras Lda
Baustellenszene, Einbau der 3. Überhitzerschlange
Baustellenszene, neuer Austrittssammler mit neuen Überhitzerschlangen