Buchs WTE plant – combustion line 2: installation of a new grate surface


Today we would like to present a new MARTIN product, which was installed at the Buchs Aargau WTE plant, in both grate runs of combustion line 2, in August 2023. The existing N46 grate bar series was replaced with the new N53 bar type.

The newly installed product offers several advantages:

- It weighs approx. 20 % less than its predecessor.
- There is only one bar width, which reduces the number of variants.
- The air gaps have been repositioned so that the combustion air supply can be optimised and controlled locally.
- No jamming occurred in field tests performed prior to the project. This further increases service lives and plant availability.
- The new bar type also performs the relative stroke.

Many thanks to the entire team of the Buchs WTE plant for their trust and the support provided during the modification project and, of course, to our installation staff for their timely and impeccable high-quality work.